Climate Alliance

The Climate Alliance brings together municipalities, regions, provinces, NGOs and schools in 20 European countries. The members of the Slovak Climate Alliance are four municipalities and 74 schools from Slovakia. Their interest unites them in stabilizing the global climate.

The schools in the Climate Alliance are closely interconnecting by the exchange of information, experience and knowledge in various areas related to climate protection. Through the implementation of activities that are part of the activities of the Climate Alliance, students will gain many essential skills that they can apply well in the future. Membership in the Climate Alliance allows the school to establish international cooperation with other member schools.

The main task of the school within the Climate Alliance is to transform the school into a natural educational centre of the local community. The school applying for membership in the Climate Alliance undertakes to:

  • will integrate climate-related topics into subjects
  • will work intensively on the public and cooperate with the municipality (city)
  • develop specific measures for energy saving and waste separation at school
  • will be involved in the protection of rainforests
  • will promote international cooperation between schools associated in the Climate Alliance

The values of the project are downloadable school materials. Package of educational content for teachers training is available under the name “Why is climate change important for teachers and even more for pupils?”. Available are teacher´s worksheets, info packages about climate and additional package for teachers with a series of lessons which are supporting teachers as a guide in the theme: Uncomfortable truth in the classroom.