Climate Kitchen (Klimak├╝che)

400 German schoolchildren discovered climate-friendly and ecological food: Which foods grow in which regions and in which seasons? How does meat consumption affect the climate? And how can we limit the waste of food? In the Climate Kitchen project, pupils aged ten to sixteen years addressed these questions and explored the connections between nutrition and climate change.

A total of around 400 pupils from 16 school classes of four Munich schools took part in four to five varied project days of the Climate Kitchen. While the focus at the beginning of the project week was on imparting knowledge, on the third project day the pupils visited an organic farm and were able to see on site what species-appropriate animal husbandry looks like. They were also able to experience at first hand the benefits of biodiversity on organic farms for animal welfare and food quality. At the end of the project week, the pupils discovered how easy it is to implement climate-friendly and organic food: For a big climate-friendly breakfast they went shopping together and prepared ten tasty snacks and drinks in small groups. Afterwards, they decided which tip on climate-friendly nutrition they wanted to test in practice.

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