Conscious (Vedomé)

The founders were inspired by the film INCEPTION, in which a spinning teetotum determined whether a person was awake or dreaming. If it did not stop spinning, it shows, that person was dreaming, but if it leaned to the side over time and fell, it meant, that person was in a reality in which the passage of time does not allow the teetotum to spin endlessly. “Conscious” brings messages that are in contact with reality, which is why their logo is leaning to one side and why they try to draw attention to conscious responsibility towards the world.

The reports on this web portal draw attention to the responsibility towards the world around us, which we want to preserve for future generations. This portal aims to encourage a conscious focus on the possibilities, to detach readers from passivity, to encourages people’s consciousness to think more about the context that affects the world in which we live. Unlike distorted news, fabrications or even manipulations, they offer a report that aims to awaken critical thinking and to transcend passivity. Inspire to responsibility.

They deal with news about climate, environment or nutrition connected to Slovakia, especially in the subject of design, lifestyle, nature, recycling, technology and children. The part for children is targeted on educational games, brings news about children fighting climate change in the world and thus are a useful resource for teachers and parents to point out the need for active involvement and teach the children as well.

If you want to learn some environmental educational games in nature explore this link.