Corrective VET international training for obesity prevention and healthy life style promotion

According to the EU Action Plan on Childhood Obesity 2014-2020, the proportion of the population in EU countries who are overweight or obese remains worryingly high for adults and for children and young people, despite action at the European level to reverse the rising trend. he implications of overweight and obesity in the Europe are stark: the prevalence of obesity has more than tripled in many European countries since the 1980s and with this rise comes a concomitant increase in rates of associated non-communicable disease.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), obesity is the largest unrecognized public health problem. It has great impact on morbidity and mortality worldwide. Obesity is the result of an unhealthy lifestyle. The project’s publication highlights key healthy lifestyle factors, assesses the importance of a healthy lifestyle and introduces the main causes of obesity. The general aim of this study is to collect obesity prevention good practices and healthy lifestyles concept definitions in partner countries.

The objective of the “CORRECT IT!“ project is to gather a healthy lifestyle good practices collection and develop  an innovative VET training curricula, methods and contents on obesity prevention and healthy lifestyle skills for nurses, teachers, social workers in order to improve their knowledge and skills and capacitate them to positively act upon their end-users.

Over these specific objectives, the long term expectation is to offer health professionals, teachers, social workers instruments and knowledge to address issues regarding malnutrition and discrimination,  in order to prevent premature deaths and significantly reduce the burden of preventable diet-related noncommunicable diseases, obesity which are strongly influenced by lack of knowledge, awareness and care and have a profound negative impact on well-being and quality of life.