Bees in Town

“For every third bite of food, we thank the bees. Give them space to make the city flourish.” The project Town bees offer three educational and informational programs and materials. The program is operating with the help of the Education Centre in Zaježová.

The first sub-program TOWN BEES is an educational program “COME WITH US TO THE HIVE”. The program supports and operates apiaries, which by agreement provide visits for schools and their pupils from 5 to 11 years.The Town bees project offers additional educational materials. On the project webpage are available several handbooks:

“Handbook We will make our city buzzing. The fascinating world of pollinators.” – The publication contains activities for primary schools, which are focused on pollinators, their knowledge and protection. Teachers will find several activities and worksheets for use in the classroom for students from 3rd to 6th grade.

“A handbook for nature-friendly maintenance of urban greenery” – aims to support the species diversity of the city, improve the quality and attractiveness of the environment for people as well as for bees and other pollinators.

“Nature in the city – a new perspective on the creation and maintenance of greenery and gardens. Handbook not only for local governments.” It should inspire municipalities and individuals, among other things, to create wilderness and ban the use of pesticides in cities. In today’s world, cities are a refuge for many species that have difficulty surviving in intensively cultivated agricultural land. Proper care of greenery and vegetation in cities helps them survive and spread back into the countryside around towns. The Handbook is part of the Urban Bees – Cities for Pollinators project, which is implementing in close cooperation with experts from the Technical University in Zvolen, Slovakia. Second sub-program is TOWNS FOR POLLINATORS which strives for a harmonious, species-rich and aesthetic environment in cities. The third sub-program is EDUCATION FOR SCHOOLS. The outcome are teachers and students as environmental experts (trained by expert lecturers) in topics of organic farming, eco-cleaning, eco-cosmetics and medicinal herbs.