Eat for the Earth

Eat for the Earth is a project that inspires and supports individuals and gastronomes in the development of sustainable eating because what we have on our plate today determines what will be left here tomorrow. The name of the project reflects the mission of sustainable and considerate consumption towards our planet.

With plant-based diets, we will help the planet cope with the environmental congestion it is currently facing. That is why education about sustainable eating for the Earth, as well as for our life is the key. The Eat for the Earth project brings everything people need to know about plant foods – plant products, recipes, plant purchases or plant “eating out”. The project aims to educate about plant diet for three reasons: for the planet, for people and restaurants. They do that free of charge, anyone can join them and will receive a vegan recipe book and additional educational materials targeted on nutrition, types of plant food and how the food we have on our plate affects the state of our planet.

The central values for the project developers are sustainability, environmental protection, protection of wild and domestic animals, and health. Their motto is: The solution to the climate crisis lies on a plate. The project website also provides a ranking of the restaurants with plant dishes on the menu in different parts of Slovakia!