EcoSchool-Program (Eko vrtec)

The EcoSchool program is an internationally recognized program of integrated environmental education, intended to promote and increase awareness of sustainable development among children, pupils and students through their educational program and through active participation in the local community and beyond. Every year, we award the most successful schools with international awards – green flags. This is also the only public and international recognition of Slovenian schools for environmental protection, in accordance with the international criteria of the FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education).

The basic principle of the program is that children will soon be able to influence and make important decisions at all levels of our lives. Through the activities in the program, they become ambassadors for the realization of sustainable development and also influence the behaviour of adults and change their patterns of behaviour. The program is a school for life, so we implement the following principles in it:

  • human care includes the protection of health, the building of mutual relations and the care of the environment and nature,
  • environmental education is an integral part of the goals and contents of each subject in the educational program,
  • natural science activities connect goals and contents between subjects,
  • value goals are an integral part of school life,
  • youth activities are a reflection of creativity, new ideas and concrete actions or projects,
  • educational work within the school is comprehensive and connected with the local community and decision-makers,
  • the future lies in connecting young people between the countries of Europe and the world.