ENVET – Environment in the VET system

The EN-VET project was derived from the observation that environmental sustainability, although representing one of the five key issues of Europe 2020 aims to transform the Europe’s economy in a sustainable one by 2050″, is often addressed in VET education in a simplistic manner. The project offers VET providers the knowledge, innovative tools and best practice methods of promoting Environmental Sustainability.

The project provided a coherent set of information and a program of advanced didactic modules for VET teachers to help them develop an environmental-friendly mentality shared at European level and promoting, for their students, a proactive attitude, oriented towards the objectives of a resource-efficient Europe. In the collection of good practices there are several practices linked to climate and nutrition topics and their impact on the environment.

The material includes:

  • a comparative report on the approach to the educational systems in the involved countries, 5 country reports and 12 case studies;
  • 3 introductory didactic modules, enriched with sub-modules connected to UN Agenda 2030;
  • 6 deepening knowledge modules;
  • a testing activity of the modules;
  • the EN VET Book with guidelines and the enhancement of the value for the products.

Each one of the training modules is divided into three sections (handbook to organize the teaching; presentation with slides and learning questionnaire). They cover these topics:

  • Renewable and non-renewable natural resources;
  • Human load capacity of the earth;
  • Efficient management of resources in the EU;
  • Circular economy;
  • The water resource;
  • Low carbon emissions in cement production;