EWOBOX / The Environmental Education in a Box

The mission of EWOBOX is to collect and share information in the field of Environmental Education and Awareness through the Internet portal – box. This space is open to all those who create, implement, need or simply live with environmental education.

This portal is for students, teachers, coordinators, professional and public across departments and organizations – for people dedicated to environmental education (EE), perceiving the importance of cooperation and information sharing in this field.

In Slovakia, there is no comprehensive overview of environmental organizations across individual ministries, a library of available publications or an overview of projects supported by state resources.

On the websites of many organizations, the EE offer is hidden in a confusing structure. Due to their low budget, it is again difficult to “hear” about the activities of small civic associations. Data on the outputs of professional works from the academic community are missing. We know little about EE coordinators in schools, their profiling and the nature of the activities carried out. The absence of this and other information can create a misconception about the state and real needs of EE.

The important role of this initiative is to create an interdepartmental information system for environmental education.

The portal supports the Earth School program with lessons on TED-Ed, for example, The clothes we wear.