The Farm-Food-Climate Challenge brings together and promotes initiators who develop innovative solutions for a climate-friendly food sector – with an eye on the entire value chain.

Some of the biggest fields of action for a climate-proof future lie between the field and the plate. Social challenges can only be solved if all relevant actors work together. In this initiative, a multi-stakeholder approach with a special methodology bundles the wealth of ideas from civil society and combines it with the implementation power of existing institutions.

So called initiators are given the chance to prove themselves actively. Initiators are teams or individuals who develop innovative solutions to a social problem. For initiators, impact comes first – they are motivated to change something. Doing instead of just talking – this is what makes initiators special: they learn by doing and constantly adapt their solutions. They develop and test a wide range of solutions. In a coordinated learning and testing process, they jointly see which solutions work and are to be implemented widely in the next step.

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