Green Guest – Hospitality Goes Green!

Green Guest is a project of the hospitality industry which connected both the environmental and employment – training issues, including work-based learning, in a comprehensive approach.

In all countries, consumers are the driving force behind the trend of companies to develop environmental stewardships. The effect of “green thinking” is a strong incentive for professionals of the hospitality and tourism trade to respond to changed needs. The hospitality sector has a significant impact on the environment through energy and water consumption, use of consumable products, and solid and hazardous waste generation. Adopting sustainable hospitality programs can provide a significant competitive advantage to businesses in the hospitality sector. Training and up skilling of today’s and future staff is also the best way to support enterprises in this time of change and sustainability can have a lever effect to inspire people into the trade.

The GREEN GUEST’s homepage offers many lively ideas how to cope with the challenges in the hospitality sector, e.g. by good practices from companies, the principle they rely on, their objectives and the ways they commit their staff and communicate with their customers. The practices are analysed, and a critical overview is provided. They shows common points and differences in businesses’ approaches according to the size and the type of companies. The Good Practices also reflect on mass catering approaches and public provisions regarding school meals since some public authorities develop specific sustainable approaches.

Educational games, quotes from chefs and Green Challenge recipes contribute in a lively way to the learning experiences.