Green School (Zelená škola)

The Green School is an educational program designed for kindergartens, primary, secondary and special schools, which take daily steps to reduce the ecological footprint, do what they teach, teach differently and inspire parents and local governments. The aim of the program is to support school communities that, through cooperation, change their environmental behaviour, thus contributing to mitigating the school’s impact on climate change.

The implementation of the Green school program supports the space for schools to develop creative and critical thinking. Practical and holistic environmental education allows for context and deeper understanding. In the schools involved in the program, interpersonal relationships and the atmosphere are improved through cooperation on common goals.

The teacher is perceived in the program as a guide who helps to guide the school through change. Involving many teachers in the program enables to fulfil their dreams of meaningful activities, develop themselves and bring new perspectives to the environment and society. Schools can choose from these themes: water, waste, energy, food, transport and air, green procurement, nature preservation and greenery.

The program offers to schools a unique 7-step methodology. The 7-step methodology is a simple but effective tool for positive changes to take place in your school as well – changes not only in the environment but also in mutual relations, cooperation and the overall atmosphere at the school. These steps are implemented by the school gradually throughout the certification period. (1. green school college, 2. school environmental audit, 3. environmental action plan, 4. monitoring and evaluation, 5. environmental teaching, 6. community information and involvement, 7. eco code). This accompanies the program systematically and leads to practical solutions to the needs of the school and the surrounding area.