Healthy Lifestyle in Primary Schools

Professionals from National Institute of Public Health and coworkers from Health – promoting Schools and other schools have been developing Healthy Lifestyle model since 2008. Together they have developed over 60 model hours and good practice examples from the field of nutrition, physical activity, mental health and addiction, and they tested  and evaluated them among pupils and teachers.

Healthy schools are schools that have voluntarily decided to promote, enable, and strengthen health in all areas – physical, mental, social, and environmental – through various activities. Through activities to improve the health of everyone in the school community, we want to jointly influence the behaviour of individuals as well as the quality of their social relationships, improving the environment and living conditions.

Healthy schools tackle this by systematically planning and evaluating the tasks outlined. We take a holistic approach to health, looking for opportunities provided by the school environment – health content is supported through the curriculum, with various projects and activities aimed at a healthy lifestyle, by encouraging the participation of parents, local community, health services and other interested institutions and individuals.

The Slovenian Network of Healthy Schools has been a member of the European Network of Healthy Schools (SHE network) since 1993 and has been coordinated by the National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ) from the very beginning. In the last ten years, the regional coordination of the Slovenian Network of Healthy Schools have been taken over by the regional coordinators of Healthy Schools, who strive to bring current health issues even closer to the needs of schools in their region and deepen cooperation between schools and NIJZ  (National Institute for Public Health)  regional units.