Really Healthy School (Skutočne zdravá škola)

A Really Healthy School (Skutočne zdravá škola) is a comprehensive program of healthy school eating. Schools try to have food with the right value for children, so they can enjoy it and learn where it comes from and how it is preparing. Programm helps children develop the skills and habits needed for a healthy and prosperous life.

The Really Healthy School program helps create healthy eating culture in schools and school canteens. School canteens strive to offer healthy and tasty meals prepared from fresh and seasonal products purchased from local farmers or food producers. The programme aims to teach children not only to eat healthy but to know everything about healthy nutrition. The programme creates the opposite of the “fast food” trend, which has no relation to food and forces children to accept inadequate and nutritionally unbalanced diets that are unsuitable for their health.

The way food is produced, distributed and consumed has a significant share in the production of greenhouse gases and has a considerable impact on the Earth’s climate. But at the same time, changing farming practices and our eating habits is one of the keys to tackling the climate crisis and meeting sustainable development goals.

The Really Healthy School programme comprehensively develops the culture of eating in all environmental, economic, social and health contexts. The theme of food is so versatile and sophisticated that it traverses virtually all educational areas, through which it is possible to fulfil a large part of the expected educational outcomes from the pre-school level to the second stage of primary schools. It is a practical field, close to everyone, and it concerns the whole population in everyday life. The professional guarantor of the Really Healthy School program is the Slovak Association for Nutrition and Prevention. Any school can join the program.