Hurray out (Hurá Von)

The Centre for Environment and Ethical Education ŽIVICA civic organization in its educational projects SADOVO, GREEN SCHOOL, CITY BEES, GARDEN TEACHING and EDUCATIONAL CENTER ZAJEŽOVÁ, inspires teachers and parents how to learn outdoors meaningfully.

The aims are:

  • Pleasure – children like to learn outside because they are naturally curious, and exterior offers the opportunity to discover and research meaningfully and playfully.
  • Ease of learning – Learning outdoors is more natural because children can engage all their senses and touch and try things live. The teaching is so very vivid and varied.
  • Concentration – With a regular stay outside, children are more attentive and concentrated. The knowledge gained through the experiential form will last longer and more intensely in their memory.
  • Naturalness – Nature offers unlimited space for learning. Humankind has always learned from it; it is our natural source of knowledge.
  • Inspiration – The natural environment is very stimulating not only for children but also for teachers. It offers a wide range of surfaces, scents, colours and shapes.
  • Depth – The knowledge that children acquire when learning outdoors is more profound and complex – as are the relationships that work in nature. Staying outside also increases children’s sensitivity, which is vital for shaping their relationship with nature.
  • Health promotion – Staying outside and especially surrounded by greenery has a positive effect on physical and mental health. It reduces stress levels, prevents obesity and promotes good mood for children and adults.
  • A chance for the restless – Children who are nervous and unfocused in the classical class also have an opportunity to rise when teaching outdoors. They can engage in a completely different kind of skills and knowledge outside.

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