One World Learning


The project developed an environmental education programme called One World Learning (OWL) in which promotes diversity, citizenship, language learning, integrated science, teamwork and critical thinking in an ecological context for children, youths and adults. The overall aim was to trigger behavioural changes that will lead to curious, empowered, socially inclusive and environmentally responsible individuals and communities.

OWL has combined best practice, innovation, research and experience from five environmental NGO’s to develop One World Learning into a project which is relevant on a European level and beyond. Through transnational cooperation and exchange between education and training providers and other stakeholders, they managed to achieve the following objectives:

  • To strengthen partnerships and networks between European countries in the field of environmental education.
  • To develop an international environmental education programme
  • To promote positive environmental behaviours, citizenship, critical thinking and innovation in children and youths.
  • To strengthen teachers and leaders professional development in the field of environmental education.
  • To promote diversity and intercultural exchange through language learning for children
  • To promote new interests in science through learning in the natural environment using both local and international research findings.
  • To connect outdoor learning and social inclusion.

The project also addressed national priorities for the year 2017 in the fields:

  • Foreign Language teaching and/or learning
  • Life Skills for Children
  • Applied Learning
  • Science and Technology
  • Alternative Learning programme and initiatives

Here you can find activities, handbooks, guides and resources used and produced within the project.