ProfESus Project – Discovering a Sustainable Mindset

Vocational educators and trainers are insufficiently trained for a successful education on sustainability and its measures. The ProfESus project developed training material to use sources of sustainability and digital learning tools to provide a successful and sustainable teaching. Targeted groups: household and guest orientated businesses.

Rising greenhouse gas emissions, the wasteful use of fossil fuels and the resulting impact on our climate have repercussions for the entire planet. In order to mitigate the impact of climate change, both the implementation of local initiatives and global projects will be of prime importance.

In this regard, previous needs analyses have shown that private households, commercial kitchens, guest-orientated businesses and communities not only have a great demand for environmental measures but also a great potential for the implementation of sustainable schemes for the protection of their local environment. These professional fields have also a great impact on social and economic improvements for employees and staff members.

The ProfESus project offers a blended learning course which discovers a sustainable mind-set for future thinking professionals in household and guest orientated businesses. The homepage offers a multitude of training material in six languages including curricula, online learning tools, a mind-set kit and a learning diary. All material is “ready to download and use”. A slideshow gives an introduction for teachers how to work with the material.