Smart Patients – Holistic Empowerment of Citizens to Become Experts in Their Own Health

Although today one can find numerous information on health topics, those information are often not user friendly. There is a lack of material, especially for adults with low educational level. Moreover, no adequate health information exists for the needs of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants. 

One of the EU Health Strategy’s main objectives is „empowering citizens – putting patients at the heart of the system and encouraging them to be involved in managing their own healthcare needs“. An individual must be empowered and become a „smart patient“. The project addresses an important topic of non-formal education. The design of the learning materials takes into consideration not only the educational level of disadvantaged learners, but it also responds to the current refugees’ crisis in Europe, by providing selected materials in the two most widely used languages of refugees, i.e. Arabic and Pashto.

The consortium consisted of 8 partners from 8 different EU countries; partners come from a wide range of backgrounds including medical institutions, training centres, family care centres, research and development centres, and SMEs.

The main results of this interesting project are: The Smart Patients Online Platform (e.g. and mobile app that contain 15 submodules – tools that are essential to living a healthy life in all languages of the partnership, and in Arabic and Pashto.

Modules are structured in the interactive way, using simple terms and giving basic information on ways how to play an active role in maintaining own health or being an user of a health system. Users can find some useful and self-assessment tools that could help in facing the health problems and can get additional information through interactive tools. In Europe, still recovering from the crisis and dealing with the problem of migrants and refugees, this project can also be used as a useful tool to help these people to face health needs within a new context.