Ten Shades of Green

By implementing the project the project team wants to encourage each project participant to become aware of his own power and environmental responsibility to influence the positive changes in his environment. Thus, individuals would think, decide and act on the future, adopt a healthy lifestyle, which would contribute to the development of environmental awareness and the linkage of young people with disabilities as well as organizations in current and future activities or new projects for young people with disabilities.

In order to strengthen the influence of civil society organizations in the field of ecology and environmental protection, the project  achiives and raises awareness of the importance of environmental protection for the disabled youzh.

The main goal of the project is achieved through specific objectives, namely:

  1. Introducing young people with disabilities with recycling,
  2. Increasing knowledge about ecology,
  3. Developing positive habits of environmental protection,
  4. Creating educational eco-coloring book in an easy-to-understand format adapted to young people with disabilities.

The impact of the project on the participants, especially the young with disabilities, is:

  • the development of an interest in the inclusion of youth with fewer opportunities in ecological activity
  • the development of environmental awareness and knowledge that contribute to the preservation of the environment
  • developing knowledge on renewable energy sources
  • getting young people familiar with the ways of environmental protection in their own environment where they live
  • quality leisure time outdoors and in nature
  • young people from the three countries are connected to a solid social network and a network of mutual support
  • acquired different life, social, communication skills
  • reinforced self-confidence of young people with fewer opportunities, especially young people with disabilities.