The German Federal Centre for Nutrition

The Federal Centre for Nutrition is the competence and communication centre for nutrition issues in Germany. This contact point for nutritional issues was established by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture. The aim is to make findings from projects of the nationwide networking centres for school catering or the campaign against food waste “Too good for the bin!” available to the public.

The information centre was founded 2017 and was developed as a common platform from different projects and initiatives on nutrition communication. In terms of target group-specific communication, the Centre provides information on all aspects of food and drink in a neutral, scientifically based way linked to the everyday life of consumers. This contact point for food issues is financed by the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture.

The centre aims to strengthen a health-promoting lifestyle in all age groups, but the majority of communicative activities are aimed at children, young people and their educators. To this end, the centre offers materials and educational resources for nutritional counselling, most of which can be requested free of charge. Another area of work is devoted to the appreciative, sustainable and appropriate handling of food to strengthen nutrition education. The centre produces materials oriented towards action and the world of life, especially for schools and adult education, and offers further training for teachers. Other areas of work focus on healthy and climate-friendly nutrition in day-care centres and schools and support networks of around 600 institutions, associations and professional societies that help young families to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Federal initiatives such as “Too good for the bin” against food waste are also implemented at the centre.