The forest club Tramtária (Lesný klub Tramtária)

Tramtária is a unique forest club which substitutes kindergarten and children are educated in the forest environment and with emphases on sustainability and naturally learn about the protection of our planet. They do that because they believe that nature is the funniest, most instructive and healthiest place for children.

The Tramtária aims to teach preschoolers in the natural environment. The Tramtária also participated in Erasmus + program “Innovative education in outdoor kindergartens”, to exchange good practice in cooperation with pre-school education institutions from the Czech Republic and Lithuania, targeted on the education of children in direct contact with nature.

The kindergarten also has a mobile home, which serves as a background and shelter in extreme weather conditions (heavy rain, storm and extreme winter), to supplement pedagogical work, afternoon rest and storage of material.

You can see more in the Teleregina show: from 24:50 min.