Nutrition for adolescents – why not? (Prehrana za mladostnike)

The published publication is intended for young people and educates them on the importance of nutrition, as we are increasingly facing health problems of young people.

The publication explains in a popular way the importance of food as a building block of the body and mind. The chapters, however, follow each other in a logical sequence with the questions: Why do we eat? What food does our body need to meet the needs for building materials and energy? How much energy do we need from food at all? What effects does fast food have on our body? How many meals should a teenager eat?

Despite the interestingly illustrated manual, it would still make sense to develop a mobile application that would even more successfully address young people in food literacy. Unfortunately, the latter is quite low for the current generations. As a result, efforts to maintain health and a healthy lifestyle, especially in the field of youth nutrition, are at the forefront in our country.