World Green Flight

Already in 2012, MATEVŽ LENARČIČ and Aerosol started the measurement of black carbon in the atmosphere as part of the GreenLight – WorldFlight project. He again traveled 91,000 km across the Southern Hemisphere across the continent of the oceans, including Antarctica and across Mount Everest, using ultralight aircraft. At the time, such measurements proved to be feasible. The measuring instrument was the first prototype to prove effective and was further refined for subsequent flights.

Black carbon is an aerosol. Particulates from the combustion of carbon materials are a by-product. The more incomplete the combustion, the more it is in the air. This is important because it affects human health, settles in the lungs and affects the climate. Due to black carbon in the atmosphere and other aerosols, the transparency of the atmosphere is lower. Therefore, solar is also lower and essentially cools the planet and also reduces the efficiency of solar panels. At the same time, it retains radiation heat under a contaminated cover. The net effect is positive. It is said that the planet is overheating due to black carbon. Black carbon and other aerosols are estimated to cause around 7 million casualties per year, significantly more than traffic and wars.

This is a problem that was neglected a few years back. There were very few such measurements. They are usually only measured at ground level, and measurements in the air were extremely rare. They were only performed by NASA with large aircraft in the Pacific. We are breaking the ice in Slovenia. There were no instruments so small that they could be integrated into such a light aircraft (ultra light aircraft), there were no instruments on the market. This is the first example of this – cheaply, with a small aircraft, to make a global cross-section of what happens with black carbon.

Impact and results achieved:  By collecting data, existing models are improving, and scientists estimate that these models are up to ten times undervalued, meaning that the impact of black carbon is ten times greater.