HEALTHYFUTURE was a European project funded by the ERASMUS+ programme. It was implemented 2019 – 2022. According to the objectives, the partnership implemented

1) an e-platform with an interactive database, searchable after various parameters, that describes and gives access to initiatives, tools and methods and other materials that have been identified and collected in the course of the project. Especially important were good practices in communicating information on climate change to young people, and motivating and empowering them to get involved in issues and decision-making associated with healthy nutrition patterns and climate change.

2) a Catalogue which gives an overview about the situation of the specific project environment in the partners’ countries during the project duration. This Catalogue provides effective responses to the climate related consumer and nutrition education needs of young people. The Catalogue was enriched with the outcomes of exchange meetings with stakeholders in each partner country where experts from the respective national and local organisations discussed the issue of good practices in communicating information on climate change to young people with the team of the HEALTHY FUTURE partnership.

3) access and tools for an online interactive Forum for exchange of experience and good practices that promote networking and exchange activities not only among the partnership and youth organisations in their countries, but also on a European level. Tools like FREERICE and REDDIT are available in the Forum. Skype’s real-time translation service in 8 spoken and 50 written languages supports this as well and is available in the Forum. In this way, it is possible to break down language barriers between users from different countries, and to support ideas, foster exchange and assist initiatives that contribute to the European society as a whole.

You will find all these outcomes in the Outcome section of this website.