Here you find the HEALTHY FUTURE 4Y + THE PLANET Interactive Exchange Forum. It presents respective tools for fostering exchange and promoting networking activities among the partnership, youth organisations in their countries, and any interested parties on a European level. How could it work? Have a look at this tool:


Freerice is an educational quiz offered by the UN World Food Programs covering topics like

  • The Global Goals
  • Climate Action
  • Healthy Eating for Goals 2 & 3

It combines language learning with learning about food, climate, and health. Try it!

Currently in preparation: Our interactive exchange will also give an outlook on the use of translation services such as Skype’s real-time translation in eight spoken and 50 written languages. In this way, it will become possible to break down language barriers between users from different countries and to support ideas, foster exchange, and assist initiatives that contribute to the European society as a whole.