Target Groups

The target groups for this project were youth workers and teachers, but also educators for the integration of young refugees.

The final beneficiaries are children, adolescents, and also young refugees, asylum seekers and migrants who need support in their climate, environment and nutrition education in their new European home country.

The targeted groups got the opportunity to be included in the partnership’s activities in Austria, Germany, Slovakia and Slovenia for exchange of experience and/or receive information and good practices about communicating the issues of climate change, habits of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the activities took place online and could be joined respectively.

If you are a representative of the targeted groups, please feel invited to express your interest in joining our activities and contact the coordinator to be included in our communication activities:

Kultur und Arbeit e.V. – healthyfuture(at)

The end of the project does not mean the end of the partnership’s activities and interest in the topic! We are happy to join your meetings and events and talk about HEALTHYFUTURE outcomes!