Beautiful Settlements (Krásne Sady)

Beautiful Settlements is a unique planning project. The project started in 2015, and its location is near city Poprad with a view of the High Tatras. Part of the project is setting up a forest kindergarten.

The project, with its philosophy and scope, is one of its own in Slovakia and surroundings. The project philosophy is to join three aspects – a wish of every person to live in the real home, the life and education in harmony with nature and the need of people to have healthy and high-quality food. The land is at least one-hectare large per parcel to harmonize all the aspects. For construction are used only natural materials and cost-saving and green technologies. Apart from the house, it enables the owner to have a place also for vegetable and herb garden, fruit garden, a lake and a small forest. Moreover, there is one more practical reason – low costs of living.

A commercial zone has forest kindergarten as an essential part of this project. The aim is to provide educational activities focused on forest pedagogy. They provide entertainment and educational programs for children from 4 years. From September 2020 they opened school classroom with environmental education with pleasant forest environment for education for children from 1st to 4th grade. Watch and learn more: