Environmental education centre Dropie (Stredisko environmentálnej výchovy Dropie)

The Dropie Environmental Education Centre is established by the Slovak Environment Agency and it is the only residential centre in Slovakia. It is located on Rye Island. Centre Dropie provides non-formal education in the form of practical environmental education for a wide target group (teachers, children, adolescents, families). The programs are focused on learning about the natural and cultural values of the Lower Rye Island region and raising awareness in the field of adaptation and mitigation measures for the impacts of climate change.

This organization offers interesting environmental programs. Through experiential form and fun activities, children discover the mysterious world of the largest river island in Europe – Rye Island (on the river Danube), which every day faces more and more pitfalls of climate change. The centre offers residential programs at Dropie: Outdoor school, a 5-day retro school in nature (experience of the world without mobile phones), or research workshops for children.

One-day programs at SEV SAŽP Dropie:

  • Wandering the Drop Kingdom for the Little Ones – A Walk through the Land of Island Meadows, lectured excursion focused on getting to know the typical natural, cultural and historical attractions of the Lower Rye Island.
  • Inhabitants of Rye Island Meadows – Talking about the inhabitants of the Protected Bird Area within Rye Island, bird watching in the field, production and installation of birdhouses and clippings.
  • Water and its forms – program telling the story of the landscape. From endless swamps to today’s fields of grain.

Secrets of head willows – programme about the basic types of trees and trusses typical of Rye Island. Visitors will know the role of trees in an agricultural landscape, unique cultural and historical symbol of the area landscape – head willows and they will learn about the uniqueness of microbiotopes of head willows.