A garden that teaches (Záhrada, ktorá učí)

The garden that teaches is a natural school garden, which is used for teaching, developing interdisciplinary relationships and improving students’ cultivation skills. Its design, size and education depend on the conditions and needs of each school. Therefore, every garden that teaches is a little different. The project is one of its kind and applies several activities within this project.

In the garden that teaches, participants can do real experiments that will allow students to understand many phenomena and contexts and bring many topics from the curriculum to real-life, also environmental or climate issues. The school garden and its fruits provide an excellent opportunity to open the school to the community, meet parents and residents of the city and present their work and results in a pleasant natural environment.

The garden that teaches is a collective work of the whole school. Pupils, teachers and non-teaching staff participate in its planning, creation and use. Parents or community representatives are also welcome. Already in the planning phase of the garden, it is very appropriate to do a school-wide survey or brainstorming. Participants will find out what they want to have in the garden or how to use it. When planning a natural school garden, it is necessary to take into account the natural conditions of the land – that is, what soil they have, climate or surface of our future garden. The part of the project is a specialized Czech-Slovak magazine for garden pedagogy.