Getting in Touch with Food Again – Making Europeans Responsible Consumers

The project targets the overall impression that over the past decades the global food market has become so complicated in many ways, that it is becoming increasingly difficult for consumers to make the right choices when purchasing their daily food. 

The Project is intended to support consumers to get in touch again with the food they are eating, primarily addressing students between 14 and 16 years old. The main activities were carried through workshops at schools and focused on students gaining in-depth knowledge about the significant aspects, such as:

  • effects of an unbalanced diet on our health (obesity, diabetes etc.),
  • the extensive use of artificial ingredients in a lot of processed food (additives, food colouring etc.),
  • GMO food,
  • chemicals in farming.

The results of their research and education were presented at the short meetings. Through visits to academic institutions, regional farms and businesses provided all participants developed better knowledge concerning the vital elements of a healthy and balanced diet, the reliability of food labelling, biological farming, low-carbon trade initiatives, etc.

Moreover, cooking workshops contributed to making students interested in producing food by themselves, such as bread, butter and chocolate, and to turning to seasonal, regional and biological products from which they created nourishing snacks and dishes. The students’ research and learning experiences resulted in a series of posters which and a cooking calendar which contained recipes for healthy dishes, also revealing the nutritional composition of the dishes as well as showing photos of the cooked meals.