Green in Everyday Life

The Green in Everyday Life (GIEL) is a project based on Spanish national program called Green Homes (GH) which is an educational programme for families that are concerned about the environmental and social impact of their decisions and daily habits. GIEL is the first international experience of GH, working with different target groups in various countries in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

The project activity targets on raising the awareness on environmental issues related to the use of energy, water, waste and mobility; improving essential skills and offer new educational tools for educators and partner organizations and creating a European level space of lifelong learning for environmental education.

The outputs prepared by each partner were:

  • development of awareness-raising activities with different target groups,
  • environmental audits with the delivery of domestic savings kits,
  • educational workshops and analysis of the savings of the participants.

Development of “Green4life Manual”, a complete guide including information about the methodology of implementation, educational materials, advice and the experiences of one year working from each partner, with the adaptations for different target groups and different contexts.