Orchard (SadOVO)

SadOVO project focuses on old and regional varieties of apple and pear trees. The aim is, in cooperation with experts, to plant high-stem orchards in the premises of primary and secondary schools. Pupils and teachers will thus take part in saving rare varieties and can also use the planted trees to teach various subjects, which will bring a better knowledge of nature and its gifts.

The rare heritage that we might lose is also in regional and local varieties of trees, i.e. those, that has spread only in a smaller area – the valley, or even only in the village and are associated with local names. Varieties are mostly hiding in old orchards, crumbs, borders and courtyards. Each had its significance for the farmer – one was for drying, the other for calcination, the third for cider. There are still hundreds of varieties in the Slovak countryside that project tries to preserve and use, also thanks to schools all over Slovakia.

During the school year, the teacher and selected students from the participating schools will take part in a spring fruit excursion, an autumn three-day educational course, an exhibition of harvested fruit for the rest of the school, as well as the planting of the trees themselves. An important part is also the mapping of varieties of apples and peers around schools, which will bring students into contact with older residents of the region. See video:

They also provide:

  • Webinar under the name “pod šupkou” (Under the peel)
  • Fruit online course
  • methodological manuals