The Slow Food Initiative

Slow Food is a global movement working for a sustainable food system. For Slow Food, the preservation of rural agriculture, traditional food crafts and regional biodiversity are as important as fair remuneration for sustainable producers and the appreciation and enjoyment of food. The initiative promotes responsible agriculture and fishing, species-appropriate livestock breeding, traditional food crafts and the preservation of regional diversity.

The initiative brings producers, traders and consumers into contact with each other, provides knowledge about the quality of food and thus makes the food market and respective implications transparent. Awareness raising activities in over 170 countries with various projects, campaigns and events are at the heart of their activities. Meanwhile, the Slow Food movement has a strong community with a very good outreach into society.

Slow Food has an own section on climate protection and food with consumer oriented tips and an own section on climate friendly gastronomy as this sector also plays a crucial role in the climate context . After all, it is not only industry, transport, fossil fuel power generation and agriculture that cause greenhouse gas emissions, but also everyday activities such as preparing a meal – whether at home, in a restaurant, in a canteen or the dining hall.