Think, Act, Work Sustainable

T.A.W.S. project wants to develop a new approach towards sustainable instances. The aim is to improve sustainable behaviours in social life (in part already adopted by students during previous school projects), but at the same time, to show students how it is possible to become sustainable entrepreneurs by exploiting the latest technologies.

Students during the project meet non-profit organizations working in the field of social and environmental sustainability to enhance better development. Students learn in a blended environment, both inside schools, within a TET approach, and outside schools, by using tablets and smartphones as working tools, thanks to which they will be able to produce several outcomes and to improve their involvement in society as actively sustainable citizens.

All the project outcomes, including four Outputs (two MOOCs, Video Tutorials on the main topics and a final eBook), are disseminated thanks to the defined plan, aiming at reaching the broader audience through a promotion campaign.

Here you can find Moodle-course, E-book or to find how sustainable are you.